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This section contains all documents, lists, and forms which can be downloaded. Please read them carefully. You fill find all the necessary materials for natural persons and legal entities.

Terms and Conditionsgoverns the conditions under which Patria provides services to its clients List of Feeslists prices and fees for provided services Master Investment Services Agreement Form for trading with U.S. equities – individualconfirms that the entity has a foreign status in order to avoid double taxation of securities held in the U.S. Financial Collateral Agreementaddresses the terms of financial collateral related to providing credit and lending of book-entry securities Form for trading with U.S. equities – legal entityconfirms that the entity has a foreign status in order to avoid double taxation of securities held in the U.S. Annex on Margin Tradingaddresses the terms of Margin trading and mutual rights and obligations associated with Credit or Loan provided by Patria to the Client Investment questionnaire Annex on Short-Sellingaddresses the terms of Short-Selling and mutual rights and obligations associated with lending of book-entry securities Patria contact details and bank account numbersa list of phone numbers and bank accounts Patria Finance CSOB funds parameters Form FATCA - passive entities (W-8BEN-E) Tax residency BO of passive entity Terms and conditions - Long-term investment product Long-term investment product agreement
Conflict of Interest Policy Patria Finance, a.s.a document describing set of organizational and administration procedures adopted in order to prevent conflict of interest Information on financial instruments and related risksintroduces basic facts about various financial instruments, their advantages, disadvantages and risk related with trading in them Information on the Order Execution Policydocument which describes rules and procedures for the execution with the best possible result for clients (retail customers with master agreement) Memorandum on Investments Sustainability Information on the Protection of Clients' Property Classification of Clients Principles of providing investment advisory service and other investment services Complaints Rulesgoverns the main principles of claims handling and client complaints Cumulative effect of costs on return when providing investment servicesdocument, which is illustrating examples of cumulative effects of costs of investment on return Whistleblowing - reporting harmful conductwhich sets forth rules for the reporting of any suspected harmful conduct as well as rules for the protection of persons who report such conduct Withholding tax rates for dividend income Sustainable Investment – Regulation