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How To Start

Before you choose from a wide variety of investment opportunities, think about your priorities, needs, and risk associated with various types of investment. We offer a few pieces of universal advice summed up in three points (not only) for beginners which should help you enter the market with greater confidence.

  1. How to Start Investing?

    Before you actually start investing you money through our trading application, we recommend trying out a demo version of the application. A virtual account will introduce you to the basics of trading without any real risk.

    In order to better orient yourself on the market we put together a selection of recommended reading. A quick and effective guide to basic rules of investing can also be found in our instructional videos. Another rich source of useful knowledge is at your disposal at our Investor Academy.

    Both beginners and advanced investors can make use of a series of investment classes which take place across the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  2. Opening a New Account

    If you have already tried the Demo Account and want to start investing for real, you have to open an account with Patria Finance first, i.e. conclude a Master Investment Services Agreement. It is a necessary precondition for performing trading activities. The conclusion is cost-free and the Master Investment Services Agreement can be cancelled at any time.

    The process of opening an account is very simple. Our customer care assistants will readily address any questions or complications.

    Opening an account online requires the following steps:

    • registration
    • submitting contract documentation
    • wiring a deposit
    • activating your account

    You can also open a new account personally at Patria Finance premises, Výmolova 353/3, 150 27 Prague 5, or at any branch of ČSOB bank.

  3. Your First Trade

    Online trading takes place via an up-to-date and user-friendly application designed for beginners as well as advanced investors.

    Our platform offers full support for active trading, including analyses, news coverage, currency conversion, price alerts, sophisticated charts, real-time data from major stock exchanges, confirmations of executed trades, etc. The application also provides a detailed overview of your portfolio, with current gains/losses, available cash, and the possibility to trade on tablets.

    Strong emphasis is put on protecting the platform from misuse and on securing a full functionality of the application even during periods of increased activity on the financial markets.

Want To Know More?

Want To Know More?

Take our free investment classes or see instructional videos and the application guide.

Are My Investments Safe?

Are My Investments Safe?

Our application offers the highest security through a combination of a user name, password, certificate and an authorization code.

Interested in Long-Term Investment?

Interested in Long-Term Investment?

Try investing in stocks carrying dividend yields or in exchange-traded funds (ETF).

Demo Trading?

Demo Trading?

Try out a demo trading account with one million koruna. Find out how successful your investments were!