Portfolio management

Indigo – investing made simple for everyone

Are you an investor, begginer? Does the word „invest“ make you worried or uncomfortable? Or are you a seasoned investor, yet with little to no time to watch the markets? Invest digitally with Indigo and try Patria’s new game-changing service that automatically picks suitable investments, executes them and keeps an eye on them for you based on the latest market developments. Indigo is a new-generation platform providing automated portfolio management and investing (often referred to as roboadvisory). Indigo is available as a web application ready to be used on your desktop/laptop but also as iOS/Android mobile app.

Indigo allows you to:

  • sign up electronically via mobile or web app
  • choose your investment goal
  • set it and forget it, i.e. set your investment at the beginning and let the app do the work for you
  • invest one-off or regularly from as low as 100 CZK
  • use your bank account or payment card to finance your investments
  • fully rely on intelligent algorithm monitoring the market volatility according to which it manages your invested assets
  • take advantage of passive long-term investing into exchange traded funds (ETFs) that are diversified across regions and sectors
  • watch the structure and performance of your portfolio
  • withdraw your invested money anytime

Use Indigo as web app at indigo.patria.cz or download our mobile app.

Web application
Apple iOS
Google Android
Requires Chrome or Firefox Requires iOS 9 or higher
Requires Android 6 or higher