Account and portfolio management

Portfolio alerts

Investors will surely appreciate regular or timely updates of their portfolio. We offer this alert service via text messages or email notices. The update is sent immediately after the execution of a trade.

Have your investments under control!


Trades text messages emails
Confirmation of executed trade orders for free
Deposit / Withdrawal of funds for free
Corporate events (dividends, bond redemptions, ...) for free
Statement of broker account (check the availability in the application) for free
Change in mailing address for free
Change in phone numbers, emails for free
Analytical Support and News Service

Analytical Support and News Service

Sign up for a stream of news analyses covering individual Czech and foreign stocks.

Are My Investments Safe?

Are My Investments Safe?

Our application offers the highest security through a combination of a user name, password, certificate and an authorization code.

Patria Finance Portal

Record of Securities

The Central Securities Depository – access to your asset account is possible through Patria Finance, a Central Depository participant.

Trading on Major Markets with Czech Currency

Trading on Major Markets with Czech Currency

Our service Automatic currency conversion allows you to execute trades on any major foreign market.