MobileTrader - Keep your investment under control

The full-featured mobile application Patria MobileTrader gives clients the opportunity to keep their portfolio continuously under control. By simply entering a password, fingerprint or face ID, users can view their portfolio in Patria, view the details of securities, make currency conversion, or place a buy or sell order. All this and much more can be done safely, quickly, easily and from anywhere with MobileTrader. To practise your trading skills without any risk there is also a demo version available.

The mobile application also offers:

  • Quick and intuitive placing of trading orders.
  • Currency conversions.
  • Viewing details and a graph of the security.
  • Viewing your own portfolio and the history of orders.
  • Tracking your favourite titles.
  • Tracking news about the selected title as well as an overview of current investment opportunities.
  • Fingerprint or Face ID login to the application.
  • Demo version of the mobile application.

The mobile application is designed to run on Apple iOS and Google Android mobile phones.

Apple iOS
Google Android
Requires iOS 9 or later Requires Android 6 or later

After downloading and installing the application it is necessary to pair the application with the client's brokerage account through a verification code, which can be generated in desktop application WebTrader in the section My Profile / Services / MobileTrader.

If you need more information or help with one-time pairing, please contact us at +420 221 424 240 or