Patria Finance

Terms and Conditions

Introductory Provisions

This contract between you and Patria Finance, a.s. (herefrom known as “Patria”) represents legally claimable rights of using (i) web sites, trading applications, and databases owned or managed by Patria (“the Application”), and (ii) any data and information published in the Application (herefrom summarily described as “Electronic Services”).

Change in Rules

By using Electronic Services, you commit to act in accordance with the rules stipulated below (“the Rules”). Patria is authorized to update and change the Rules, even without prior notice. A change in the Rules will be published online and will be valid and effective from the moment of its publication. Should the Rules pertaining trading applications be changed, Patria will try to find a suitable way of informing users about the planned change in advance. Should you not agree with any change, notify Patria and do not use Electronic Services anymore.

The Extent of Electronic Services

Patria is authorized, as it will see fit, to regularly modify and change the extent of the Electronic Services. Patria reserves the right to change or delete any part of the content of the Application anytime and without prior notice.

The content of the Application is continuously updated and adjusted. Information, data, analyses, opinions, statements, or other expressions published here must be assessed in relation to the conditions under which they were produced, or, as the case may be, to the time they were first published on Patria websites.

Authorized Use

Information and data from the Application can be used, particularly stored, viewed, analysed, formatted, and printed, only for your personal use. Any use of the Application outside your personal needs, including any commercial use, is forbidden.

No information or data can be processed, stored, copied, conveyed, and shared in public (e.g. by publishing them on websites managed by a third party) without Patria´s prior consent. The Application can contain and view various information which is provided to Patria by its contractual partners (e.g. foreign exchanges or data providers), and subject to intellectual property rights of these partners.

Crossing the boundaries of personal use is an illegal encroachment on Patria’s rights and can also be an illegal encroachment on the rights of persons providing information which is made available and spread through the Application.

Any intervention in the technical rendering or character of the Application or its content is forbidden.

Responsibility Restrictions of Patria

Information and data published in the Application are dedicated for your information only. Although information and data are obtained from reliable sources, it cannot be ruled out that this information later proves to be untrue, incomplete, mistaken, or delayed, in view of the immanent risks associated with electronic forms of communication. For this reason, Patria is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss caused in relation to (i) the use of Application, (ii) relying on the accuracy of provided information/data, or (iii) a partial or total breakdown of the functionality of the Application.

Inaccurate, incomplete or delayed quotations, rates (prices) of Investment Instruments, inaccurate or incomplete information about trading (results of trading), as well as inaccuracy or incompleteness of other information provided on the Website, in the Business Application, or accessible from the Website and the Business Application, are not deemed to be breach of Patria’s obligations. Patria shall not be liable for any loss or other damage that occurred in connection with provision of those data, particularly in connection with the fact that the data were used or were not used by the Client. Neither temporal nonfiction of the Website or Business Application shall be deemed to be breach of Patria´s obligations.

The Application is provided to use “as it stands and lies” and Patria does not hold any responsibility for its functionality. Each User uses the Application on her/his own risk. Patria is not responsible for the curentness of the information and data published in the Application. Up-to-date information about price developments of investment instruments can be obtained from our call centre at (+420) 221 424 424.

Electronic Services are provided through data and phone lines managed by a person other than Patria. Patria cannot influence security of the lines and is not capable of hindering all possible risks of misuse of confidential details during their transfer via a data line. When such data are transferred, it is therefore impossible to completely rule out the risk of illegal acquisition of confidential information by a third person.

Regarding the protection of user data policy Patria also recommends users of Electronic Services to follow basic principles of safe behaviour available on website:

Patria draws your attention to the fact that data concerning investment instruments traded on foreign markets are provided with a delay. More information about the possibility of obtaining up-to-date data is to be found in the “Real-Time Data” section.

User and transactions authorization

Trading application WebTrader (designed for desktop PC) is using the username, password and authorization SMS or OTP code for customer verification. Application MobileTrader (designed for mobile devices) is verified only during the first session directly by customer. Transactions executed on verified mobile device do not reqiure any following authorization.

Investment Recommendation

Information published on Patria web sites (unless otherwise stated) is neither an analysis of investment opportunities, nor an investment recommendation. More information about investment recommendations and analyses are to be found in the „Information for investors“ section.

Technical Support

Patria provides technical support for the Application Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 CET. Should you experience technical difficulties, please call our helpdesk at (+420) 221 424 240 or write to In case of a technical failure in the application which prevents you from placing/executing an order, please contact our call centre which will allow you to place/execute the order. Our call centre assistants are at your service on weekdays from 8:30 to 22:00 at (+420) 221 424 424.

Personal Data Protection

Patria processes the personal data of clients. All information about the processing of personal data can be found here.

Applicable Law, Validity and Effectivity of Terms

These terms are governed by the Czech law and are effective as of 1st February 2017.