FAQ section contains questions asked the most frequently by our clients and answers to them. If you don´t find the answer you were looking for, you can contact us at or call our helpdesk at (+420) 221 424 240.

How and where can I conclude a contract with Patria Finance?

The Master Investment Services Agreement can be concluded from the comfort of your home via on-line registration. After completing and submitting the registration form, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to all the necessary contractual documentation. On weekdays, this should take no more than a few minutes, otherwise by the beginning of the next weekday.

Another method of registration is to conclude the contract at any ČSOB branch in the Czech Republic or in Slovak Republic. You may also conclude the contract at the registered office of Patria Finance, a.s. (Výmolova 353/3, 150 27 Prague 5, Czech Republic)

When signing the contract drawn up through on-line registration, it is necessary to verify your identity by attaching photocopies of two IDs containing your photography (e.g. identity card, passport, driving license). In addition, it is necessary to wire funds from a bank account that is registered in your name with a bank operating in the territory of the European Union or European Economic Area to any of Patria Finance collective accounts (the amount is not important). You must wire funds from the same account that you specified at registration.

An alternative to this way of verification is a Note of identification written by a notary. We would like to draw you attention to the fact, that the fee for this act surpasses CZK 1,000.

If you conclude the contract at a ČSOB branch or at Patria Finance premises, your identity will be verified on the spot after producing your ID.

Note: The Master Investment Services Agreement for a legal entity must be concluded at Patria Finance premises or at any ČSOB branch. Unfortunately, on-line registration of a legal entity is impossible.

WARNING: The Master Investment Services Agreement must contain the following:
Mobile phone number, e-mail address and at least one bank account number to which money from your portfolio can be transferred if you request so. With the exception of a CZK account held in the Czech Republic, the following account information is obligatory: IBAN code, SWIFT code, name of the account and bank. In case of EUR accounts in Slovakia we also request the stand-alone account number, in addition to IBAN, SWIFT, name of the account and bank.

How do I find out the balance of funds and investment instruments recorded in my account?

You can find out the balance of your account in the Portfolio/Portfolio status folder, where you may check which securities are recorded in favour of Patria Finance. The selection criteria will enable you to display your securities in various currencies.

The Portfolio/Cash Flow section allows you to ascertain the balance of your funds. As in the case of securities, you can select various currencies.

When and how do I get my brokerage account statement?

Your Patria Finance, a.s. brokerage account statement is available in an electronic form in the secured part of the Patria Finance web site: the Portfolio / Statements section, in the second half of the month following the end of the quarter. Alternatively to the electronic statement, the client can choose to receive statements by mail to the mailing address or pick them up at the headquarters of Patria Finance.

Are my funds kept with Patria Finance insured?

Every securities trader is obliged to pay a contribution to the Guarantee Fund. Potential compensation is provided to clients at 90% from the amount, after adding up the values of all of the client's asset items; however the highest amount payable in CZK is equal to EUR 20,000. Guarantee Fund.

What is the purpose of the client's brokerage account number?

Upon the conclusion of the Commission Contract, every client receives his/her brokerage account number. This number will serve for such purposes as e.g. identifying payments sent by the client to the client bank account, whereas the brokerage account number will be used as the variable symbol of the subject payment.

At which banks does Patria Finance deposit client funds?

Patria Finance, a.s. keeps its clients’ funds on accounts held with banks operating in the Czech Republic (accounts subject to a special regime under the Act on Banks) and with banks operating in other EU member states. The current list of these banks is available on the website in the Documents section.

The respective clients’ funds are proportionally calculated on all bank accounts in the relevant currencies. Bank accounts which are used for storing clients’ funds are included in the bank deposit insurance system. In case a bank is insolvent and cannot pay out the clients’ deposits (i.e. the bank is not able to satisfy its obligations towards the beneficiaries of such deposits), the clients shall be indemnified from the bank deposit insurance system up to a limit set by the relevant legislation of the state concerned. In case of insolvency concerning a bank with its registered office in Czech Republic, the clients, as beneficiaries, in accordance with Section 41a et seq. of the Act No. 21/1992 Coll., Act on Banks, as amended, shall be compensated from the Insurance fund up to the amount of EUR 100,000.

Do I have to place a payment order to my bank to transfer money in favor of the Patria Finance client account or will Patria Finance do it itself?

Even though you indicate your bank account in the Master Investment Services Agreement, Patria Finance is not authorized to place any orders to the debit of this account. If you are interested in purchasing securities, it is always necessary to place a payment order with your bank, via which you will transfer the appropriate amount increased by the estimated fees for the transaction to the Patria Finance client collection account, before filing the purchase order with Patria Finance. It is also important to specify the number of your brokerage account, or your personal identification number in the variable symbol.

More information can be found in our How to tax.

If I send the funds today, how fast will I see them credited to my Patria Finance account?

The maximum statutory term for the transfer of funds within the framework of the intrastate interbank system of payments is 2 days. Therefore, if you place a payment order today, it is probable that you will be able to trade with your funds in two business days. However, every bank has its own internal regulations for the processing of payment orders with the "foreign currency" of the particular day – so it may happen that you will place your payment order in the afternoon and the bank will process it on the following business day. This naturally leads to a delay in the crediting of your money to our collection account by one business day. We assign the funds credited by our bank on the previous day to client accounts every day prior to the opening of the Prague Stock Exchange (between 9.00 a.m.-9.15 a.m.).

How much money do I need to deposit when opening my account?

The account opening and maintenance is free of charge. The upper or the lower limit of the deposit in the Patria Finance collection account is not determined.

When may I start trading, if I transferred the money today?

You can start trading as soon as we credit the money to your brokerage account. You can view the amount in the Portfolio/Cash Flow folder.

In what currency and to what account may I deposit the advance for the purchase of securities?

Before submitting an order for the purchase of securities, the Client should have a sufficient balance of funds in the subject currency in his/her brokerage account. The list of accounts can be found in My profile/Personal details/Documents.

How can I withdraw money from my brokerage account?

Money withdrawals may be submitted on-line in the Portfolio/Cash withdrawal folder. As for the maturity date, the money is sent to the account specified in the Master Investment Services Agreement. The money transfer is settled in one business day within the framework of ČSOB and in 2 or 3 business days in the case of transfer to other banks. To withdraw money in a foreign currency, the applicable bank account in the relevant foreign currency must be indicated in the Master Investment Services Agreement. Money withdrawals may also be executed by placing a telephone order at the telephone number: 221 424 240.

Is it necessary to transfer the money for trading from the same account as specified in the Master Investment Services Agreement?

No, you do not need to transfer funds from the account indicated in your profile. You may send them from any account (and bank); however, it is important not to forget to specify the variable symbol = i.e. the number of your brokerage account kept with Patria Finance, or your personal identification number.

When can I withdraw money from my brokerage account?

If you sell securities today and you wish to transfer the money to your bank account, you may do so only after the settlement of the transaction.

What is the interest rate borne by my funds?

The rate is equivalent to interest, which is obtained from banks, where money is held. The interest rates are published at Interest yields on free funds in the Patria Finance brokerage account are paid without the withholding tax. Interest is credited on the account quarterly.

How will I be paid dividends on the securities I hold?

Dividends on securities in evidence of Patria Finance will be paid out to the person/entity who/which is their owner as of the day decisive for the dividend entitlement. The dividends will be paid directly to the portfolio with Patria Finance. Approval of dividends payout and conditions for the dividend payoff are subject to the decision of the company´s General Meeting. Dividends on foreign securities will be credited to the client´s trading account with Patria Finance in the relevant foreign currency immediately after Patria Finance receives a notice of their crediting to the summary asset account. Dividends of foreign companies are mostly credited in the net amount, i.e., after deduction of the withholding tax at source abroad. The dividends are posted in two amounts: 1st + gross dividend, 2nd – withholding tax.

Patria Finance, a.s. clients are not charged any fee for the dividend payoff. The client may check the credited dividend amount in the tab Cash Flow section after logging into the web application at or in his/her regular quarterly statement sent by post. The table below shows examples of withholding tax amounts in other countries:

Examples of foreign withholding taxes (Tax at source)

State % Note
Australia 30
Belgium 25
Bermuda 0 agreement on the avoidance of double taxation does not exist
Brazil 0
Finland 24.5 new from January 1, 2013 originally 30%
France 30 new from 1.1.2012 initially 25%
Ireland 20
Italy 20 new from 1.1.2012 originally 27%
Israel 25 new from January 1, 2013 originally 20%
Japan 20.42 new from January 1, 2013
Canada 25
Luxembourg 15 newly 1.1.2007 originally 20%
Hungary 16 newly 1.1.2011 initially 25%
Germany 26375 newly 1.1.2009 originally 21.10%
Netherlands 15 newly 1.1.2007 initially 25%
Norway 25
New Zealand 30
Poland 5
Portugal 25 new from 1.1.2012 originally 21.5%
Puerto Rico 10 agreement on the avoidance of double taxation does not exist
Austria 25
Russia 15
Slovakia 0 withholding tax on dividends was abolished
Spain 21
Sweden 30
Switzerland 35
Turkey 15
USA 30 * international treaty for the avoidance of double taxation condition for the lower 15% withholding tax, a completed Form for trading with U.S. equities at the time of payment of dividends
United Kingdom 20 * *withholding tax on dividends was abolished for dividends abroad

Do I have to pay tax on interest credited to the brokerage account with Patria Finance?

Yes, the client (recipient of the interest yield) is obliged to include such yield in his/her tax base. Patria Finance places on its behalf idle funds as short-term deposits in banks. Banks then pay Patria Finance interest without withholding tax and Patria Finance credits interest amounts to individual clients. Patria Finance does not deduct the income tax from interest yields, as it is a non-bank institution and, therefore, is not licensed to maintain deposit accounts on which interest is paid after deduction of income tax at a special rate pursuant to Section 36, par. 2(c)(1) of the Income Tax Act. According to the Income Tax Act, deduction of tax on interest is reserved only to banks.

The above opinion is informative only as Patria Finance does not provide legal or tax advisory services. Please consult your tax advisor for details specifically relating to your circumstances.

Where are the securities which I will buy through Patria Finance, a.s. recorded?

Securities bought on the Prague Stock Exchange (hereinafter "BCPP") are recorded in the Central Securities Depository (CDCP), which, after the cessation of the Prague Securities Centre (SCP), keeps a record of all book-entry Czech securities, usually on the asset account of the trader.

Not only Czech securities but also foreign stocks can be traded on the Prague Stock Exchange – e.g., shares of companies such as Erste Bank, CETV, Pegas Nonwovens SA and ECM, which are registered abroad. Records of foreign issues are also kept by CDCP (previously Univyc, a.s.). Foreign stocks bought or transferred to Patria Finance, a.s. are recorded on bulk asset accounts kept by the foreign administrator, KBC Securities NV Brussels. Patria Finance, a.s. keeps a sub-register of obtained securities arranged by individual clients.

What fees are paid for the record of securities in CDCP?

CDCP charges a monthly fee for securities administration. Patria Finance then passes the fees on to its clients who hold the shares in the relevant month (the securities account management charge). The amount of the fee is charged according to the List of Fees.

If I come over to Patria Finance from another broker, will Patria Finance transfer my shares in its favour automatically or will I have to apply for it?

Patria Finance cannot transfer your stock automatically without your involvement. If you come from a different broker, you need to transfer your stock to Patria Finance by means of an application in writing.

Why can I not see my securities in my portfolio although the statement from the Prague Securities Centre confirms that I am the owner?

The trading application of Patria Finance shows only securities recorded by Patria Finance. If you know that you own the relevant shares (traded on the Prague Stock Exchange), but they are not shown in your portfolio, they are either on file with a different broker or they are kept in the “unfiled record of securities“.

What should I do in order to transfer securities from another broker to Patria Finance and trade them through Patria?

If you want to come over to Patria Finance and transfer securities bought through another broker, all you will have to do is phone our customer service line +420 221 424 240 and ask for arranging a transfer. We will need the following information from you:

  • name of your current broker
  • the name of the broker’s contact person who is in charge of settlement of foreign securities transactions
  • submission of a signed Request for transfer of securities

You may send the signed application by post to our company’s address or by email to At the same time, please notify your current broker that you intend to transfer your securities to Patria Finance.
According to the relevant market usage, the transfer itself usually takes a week. Its speed and success depends on the information provided by the customer and on communication with the counterparty. No fee is charged for the transfer of securities to Patria Finance, a.s.

What is the minimum amount of a single investment?

The minimum trading volume is not determined; you may trade stocks starting from CZK 80 per transaction at the Prague Stock Exchange, from EUR 16.90 per transaction in Europe and from USD 14.90 per transaction in the USA.

Which instruments can I invest in with Patria Finance?

The current offer of Patria Finance products includes:

  • mutual funds
  • stocks
  • ETF (Exchange-Traded Funds)
  • ETC
  • investment certificates
  • mortgage bonds issued by Hypoteční banka
  • Czech government bonds
  • leveraged certificates
  • warrants
  • investment gold

At what markets may I trade with Patria Finance?

Patria Finance gives you access to trading on major markets in Europe and North America.

If I buy shares in the morning, can I sell them on the same day or do I have to wait for the trade settlement?

In case you buy shares in the morning and would like to sell them during the day with profit, you are allowed to do it. Trading platform checks balances on your stock and cash accounts continuously, so it does not matter whether the trade is already settled or not.

If my order is not executed within a particular trading day and its validity ends on this day, do I have to cancel the order?

No. If the order is not executed and its validity ends on the particular trading day, the trading system will automatically cancel it. It is therefore not necessary to send a cancellation order in the closed phase.

What partners does Patria Finance cooperate with on foreign markets?

Our contractual partners on foreign markets include KBC Group, Credit Suisse and Bloomberg. Foreign-based securities of Patria's clients are held on summary accounts in international settlement centres (Clearstream, DTC) via renowned banks, each responsible for a particular market – e.g. Swiss American Securities in the U.S., Deutsche Bank in Germany, Citibank and KBC Securities.

What are the differences between types of orders?

  • Ordinary - the most common form. The order is registered in the stock exchange and executed (if market conditions allow) at the limit price at worst.
  • Immediate or Kill - this type is either executed immediately after it has been placed, or automatically cancelled.

What do I have to do to have Patria Finance added shares that I chose to the list of tradable securities? How long will it take?

For capacity reasons Patria Finance trading application does not cover all tradable securities. In case your security is not in our database, please, send us its name, code, ISIN or any other identification to and we will add it to list of tradable securities. The insertion should not take longer than 30 minutes and on-line prices will be available next trading day.

Why is my BUY order refused?

The probable reason is that you do not have sufficient cash balance on your account to execute the order.

Why is my SELL order refused?

The problem can be that you do not have sufficient amount of securities that you would like to sell.

I would appreciate to be informed about market developments as much as possible. Could you recommend a website?

Patria Online runs an investment portal on which you can find complete news service packed in Patria Plus. Apart from news coverage, the site provides on-line data, analyses, historical databanks or text message service. Patria Finance clients have a 50% discount on Patria Plus. For more information, please visit

What is automatic currency conversion?

It is a tool for performing automatic currency conversions in your portfolio in case you don´t have enough disposable funds in a given currency on your account and you don´t obtain this currency by 9:00 a.m. next weekday. The conversion will be automatically executed next weekday at approximately 9:15 a.m. at an exchange rate valid at the time of the transaction. The conversion is executed by using a currency of which you have most in you portfolio.

Where can I check that I have the automatic currency conversion service activated?

The service can be set up in the section My Profile/Products/Currency conversion. You can activate the service here if you wish. If you want to deactivate the service, contact us at

What should I do if I want to execute a currency conversion and at the same time not to use automatic currency conversion.

Before placing an order to buy a security, it is necessary to place an order to exchange currencies in the folder Trading/Currency conversion by clicking on the orange button "CURRENCY CONVERSION“.

An order to convert currency can also be placed by phone between 9:00 am and 17:00 pm on weekdays. Conversions are executed at exchange rate derived from current rate on interbank foreign exchange market during working days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (CET). Current rate is available to clients especially in the trading application. The standard period for settlement is two weekdays. Therefore, if you execute a currency conversion today and are interested in trading on a stock exchange settling transactions on the third day after executing a trade, the trading system will allow you to do so. Currency conversions executed both through the web trading application and through a personal broker will immediately appear on your broker account.

An overview of your orders regarding currency conversions can be found in the section Portfolio/Orders/Currency conversions.

How are the Patria Finance web application and submitting orders by phone secured?

Trading through Patria Finance is protected by several security elements, namely by a user name, password, TPIN, authorization code and a security certificate.

TPIN is an eight-digit code used to verify the client´s identity via phone. The Patria staff will verify your identity by asking for 2 TPIN characters chosen at random. You may change your TPIN in the section My Profile/Security/Login change after logging into your account. By phone you can give trading instructions, carry out financial transactions and operations in your brokerage account or receive information about Patria Finance services.

Access to the web application

The Patria Finance trading website allows clients to fully use all trading and information services of the company. Access to the Patria Finance application is secured by a user name, password and Mobile key or authorization code.

Your user name and password will be given to you after concluding the contract at Patria´s premises or at a ČSOB branch. In case you choose to register on-line, you will choose your password during the registration.

On-line active operations in your account – e.g., giving orders or changing personal or security data – may be carried out only with confirming the operation via Mobile key or authorization code, which is sent via SMS or generated by the security key.

Interested in Long-Term Investment?

Interested in Long-Term Investment?

Try investing in stocks carrying dividend yields or in exchange-traded funds (ETF).

Are My Investments Safe?

Are My Investments Safe?

Our application offers the highest security through a combination of a user name, password, certificate and an authorization code.

Tax Assistance

Tax Assistance

Patria Finance provides well-arranged documents for your tax return.

Demo Trading?

Demo Trading?

Try out a demo trading account with one million koruna. Find out how successful your investments were!